What defines a Virtual Private Network?

Before using Free VPN, you should be clear on what a VPN is and how it works. A Virtual Private Network is a form of secure connection that can be established over the internet. During a VPN connection, no traffic or data is sent directly from the sender to the recipient. Instead, the data is first encrypted and sent to a VPN server through a VPN tunnel. Using a myriad of security features, the data passes through the VPN tunnel to the end user. This tunneling method coupled together with advanced encryption mean that your data remains secure and intact.

Furthermore, a VPN will hide your public IP address (An IP address is similar to your zip code, but for your personal device, not a house!), and thus make your location untraceable. An attacker will simply see the shared IP address of the VPN server and will never know where the data originated from.

Changing your location on Google

Google has a localized feature and tailors your search results depending on your physical location. If you live in Washington for example, your search results will reflect this and return results that are deemed relevant to the city. Not everyone appreciates this feature however and it is possible to bypass Google’s imposed search localization. The easiest and most convenient method is to use the website “ISearchFrom.com” – This website allows you to select your desired location and perform a search using that location.

For example, maybe you want to research your websites search results from the UK but are based in the US? You could simply use “ISearchFrom.com” and change your location to the United Kingdom. This would return search results specific to that region and give insight into how your website is viewed in another country.

Why use FreeVPN.se for Skype?

Skype is a popular chat and video call application developed by Microsoft. Thousands of people use Skype on a daily basis to communicate with their friends and family, and also for business purposes. Although Skype is widely used, it has seen various security breaches during its lifespan and many people seek ways to secure their data and connection when making calls etc. Free VPN is the perfect solution and allows you to make secure calls and chats via Skype.

When using Skype, you have to connect to the internet – this opens you up to attack and a potential invasion of your privacy. If you connect to Skype through Free VPN, your personal information will remain private and your outgoing data (i.e. the video calls and chat messages) will be secured. There will be no traceability back to your personal device, and you can enjoy a safe and anonymous experience.

Using a VPN network for downloading torrents

A torrent is a form of shared download that you can obtain via a torrenting service such as uTorrent or BitTorrent. Using this method, you can obtain a wide variety of different files, programs, and media in a straightforward manner. Unfortunately, downloading torrents comes with a risk – Not every torrent source is reliable, and some torrents may even be malicious. Furthermore, there is always the possibility that your actions are being tracked when downloading files.

To ensure your security and anonymity while downloading torrents, you can opt to use a VPN service. Using a VPN service such as Free VPN will ensure that your personal identity and location remain private when connecting to torrent services. Your personal IP address will be hidden, and any torrent that you download will be vetted by the VPN server to ensure you are not receiving any malware or viruses. For those who download torrents regularly, a VPN service is a must have tool!

Can I use FreeVPN.se for online streaming?

Online streaming is a potential security minefield. While there are many sources and streams that are legitimate, there are others that are illicit and can be used as entry points into your personal connection etc. Using Free VPN to facilitate your online streaming will greatly improve your security and privacy. Instead of connecting directly from your personal device, you will connect to the VPN network. This means your own device and IP address will remain hidden and any malicious attacks will be blocked through the VPN.

Furthermore, Free VPN can also allow you to stream TV shows and movies that are location restricted. Some programs can only be viewed in a specific range of regions due to copyright restrictions or distribution limitations. You can connect to Free VPN and use one of our servers in the country your program is distributed from – When accessing said program, your physical location will appear to be from the same region, thus bypassing the restrictions.

What is censorship and how is it still prevalent in the modern world?

Censorship is the suppression and control of information. Censorship has been practiced for thousands of years as a means of control. Censorship has been historically perpetrated by governments, organizations, the media and people in positions of power. It is used to control how people think and what information they have access too. It allows a certain viewpoint or ideology to be forcibly pushed onto a demographic of people. Alternatively, it can be used to suppress views of ideologies that are perceived as dangerous.

In the modern world, censorship is still carried out by many organizations and governments, often to great criticism from the general public. Some governments such as North Korea implement internet censorship and only allow their people access to approved websites. Other organizations and governments have divisions that are employed to seek out and suppress ideologies and groups that pose a threat to their own power. No matter what the form, censorship is an ethical minefield and there is no agreement on its correct usage.

Can I change my iPhone device location?

A common feature of the iPhone is its GPS tracking. An iPhone can track your location using its inbuilt GPS device – This is useful for navigation, and if you want to geotag your photos and social media posts. There may be occurrences where you don’t want your location tracked, however. Maybe you simply don’t want your location known, or maybe you want to spoof your location to play a practical joke? Providing your phone is “jailbroken” you can manually change your location and make it appear as if you were in a different location!

First, you must ensure your phone is jailbroken (A process that will give you access to a greater variety of developing features). Once you have done this, you can then find one of the popular GPS spoof applications available such as “LocationFaker” – Install the application, follow the steps and you should then be able to change your location! There will also be features to reset your GPS location to its correct alignment if you no longer want to use the feature.

Proxy Servers – What are they and how are they used?

You may have heard the term “Proxy Server” and wonder what it means? A proxy server is a device that is located in-between a private network or personal device and the internet or a web server. A proxy server is used as an intermediary device and can perform services on behalf of a computer.

In a situation using a proxy server, the following chain of events will take place – Firstly a client device will send a request to the proxy (this could be a web page or a file for example). The proxy server will then check its cache and complete the request if possible, if it cannot, it will contact the end server to perform the request instead. Once received the proxy will then store said request in its cache and return the result to the client. This use of a proxy server is a great form of protection and can prevent unwarranted attacks or malicious files being transmitted to a client device.

Internet Cookies – What are they used for and are they safe?

You may have noticed a message that appears when you open a website regarding “cookies”. You may also wonder what is a cookie and why should I accept their usage? A cookie is a text file that is placed on either your computer or your web browser (only with your permission). This file is used to store information about your browsing habits and preferences. A website will then use this stored information to tailor your browsing experience and provide a more personalized display of content.

While this is perfectly legitimate and widely accepted, cookies can also be used to profile a user – Many people are not ok with this and often disallow the use of cookies when browsing. It should be noted that cookies cannot be used in a malicious way i.e. to infect your computer or install spyware; they can simply be used to gather a limited amount of information about your online activity. If you are uncomfortable with this, you should review your acceptance of cookies and manage them closely.

Can you browse the web anonymously? If so, how can this be achieved?

For those of us who are safety conscious, browsing the web online is a must. many people do not like the idea of organizations gathering data on your browsing habits and feel this is a violation of our privacy. Furthermore, anonymous web browsing can be beneficial for those involved in court cases and journalists who have important information to release to the public.

There are several ways in which the web can be accessed anonymously. Firstly, you can use an anonymity service like the Tor network. This network contains a series of devices or nodes that are used to effectively scramble the path of your data flow. The original location of the device that sends a request cannot be traced as it will have traveled through various random nodes and encrypted en-route. Another method is via a VPN service. A VPN such as FreeVPN.se will hide your public IP address and thus hide your device’s location from the public or anyone trying to access your device whilst you are web browsing.